Joint Ultrasound

Joint ultrasound is the most preferable imaging technology for screening of joints. The reason is that it is a very easy and safe procedure.

All around the world doctors give plenty of positive feedback on use of ultrasound as about the imaging method providing information with great accuracy.

Joint ultrasound is traditionally used in:

  • Finding inflammatory processes taking place as rheumatic pathology
  • Joint screening after various injuries

Highly experienced medical staff together with advanced imaging technologies are behind accurate diagnosis done by your medical provider. This is the reason why it is difficult to find where to have professional scanning. Experienced doctor will detect possible deviations and injury follow-ups, diagnose a disease and work out an effective program of treatment.

Ultrasound Screening in Inflammatory Processes

Diagnosis of a rheumatic disease with high accuracy is not an easy task. In ultrasound reports of shoulder as well as any other joint areas of collected inflammatory fluids in joint capsule and joint overall are clearly seen.

Ultrasound allows not only to see inflammation but also evaluate its severity and stage since the fluids are collected over time and its texture is getting thicker and this is visualized in screening.