Cardiac Ultrasound, Echocardiogram

Heart is the motor of our organism. Function of many organs depends on its work. The makes it important to know the state of our heart and keep healthy lifestyles. If you experience your heart works wrong way it should be examined.

Cardiac ultrasound is the most modern and preferred way to examine your heart. The procedure does not require special preparations and takes you less then half an hour. Echocardiogram screening will enable doctor to obtain detailed knowledge of the work of all parts of your heart, its valves and chambers as well as the condition of the cardiac muscle. Doppler enables to detect possible defects basing on blood movement in the parts of your heart. The defects may be visible and latent. Every person has specific features therefore all information in details is essential for treatment and everyday life.

Ultrasound screening, other then x-ray, is totally safe and does not affect body. This enables to do screening of a child’s heart not worrying for their health. 

Heart Conditions to Be Studied with Screening

Benefits of cardiac ultrasound are very wide. It enables to diagnose diseases including:

  • Peripheral artery diseases of different organs (digestion,  brains) and extremities
  • Diagnosis of congenital heart diseases and estimation of their severity
  • Infarction and post-infarction health state and stenocardia detection
  • Diagnosis of disorders of endocardium

All conditions listed above are easy to detect with ultrasound scanning at the early stages. On average 90% of diagnoses using scanning prove correct. Affordable price enables to check health condition on yearly basis.

Screening Technology

Exceptionally contemporary equipment is used for ultrasound screening using the latest achievements in medicine and electronics. It enables to get real-time image. It increases accuracy of imaging decreasing duration of the procedure making it less then a quarter of an hour. The procedure is totally safe and comfortable.

Detecting diseases

Doing ultrasound screening doctor pays special attention to the following parameters of cardiac work:

  • Blood flow level in veins
  • Presence and absence of different growths on cardiac valves
  • Narrowing of holes and valve form change in cardiac diseases
  • Cardiac muscle constriction level

Different conditions accompanied by blood circulation disorders in different part of the heart are clearly seen in ultrasound screening. This enables to diagnose myocardial infarction or stenocardia quite exactly. Highly experienced cardiologists at The Evromedika Clinic with high probability can determine what cardiac vessel is affected exactly.