Soft-Tissue Ultrasound

Soft-tissue bedside ultrasonography is an imaging screening of structure of tissues, joints in the area of interest. It is used widely because it is effective and easy-to-operate. It used by most clinics and extremely preferred.

Soft-tissue bedside ultrasound is used in cases of:

  • Joint surgery
  • Proving diagnoses based on earlier obtained information
  • Control and evaluation of dynamics of changes during treatment
  • Early diagnosis of different rheumatic conditions
  • Finding malignant and benign tumours

Ultrasound sonography is the most effective and safe methods. To carry out quality and providing much information screening use of modern and professionally fixed equipment is essential. High experience of sonographers is also very important. Medical staff of The Evromedika clinic has wide experience in performing all kinds of imaging screening and diagnosis.

Screening techniques is always being improved by the doctors while its basic principle pemain unchanged. In screening, an area of interest is visualized using high-frequency ultrasound waves. On passing through layers of different density some beams are bounced back while other are refracted and go on. Returned beams are received by special transducer. Computer processes the received data and image it in form able to be understood.

The procedure is totally safe and this allows to be used at any stage of disease. It may be used in special categories of patients, pregnant women with no threat to embryo. There are no contraindications to use of soft-tissue ultrasound which makes is popular.

Different types of ultrasound include:

  • Soft-tissue ultrasound of neck
  • Soft-tissue ultrasound of joints (ankle joint, shoulder joint, hip joint and knee joint)
  • Soft-tissue ultrasound of muscles (various kinds)
  • Soft-tissue ultrasound of spinal cord

Soft-tissue ultrasound is used in seeking for abnormalities including:

  • Fluids in joint capsule
  • Defect of periarticular tissues in various diseases (bursitis, tenosinovitis, tendonitis, etc.)
  • Inflammations of joints in osteoarthritis, rheumatic arthritis