Everyone has heard about Ultrasound or Ultrasound Examination or Ultrasound Testing. Ultrasound appeared to be very useful in diagnostics of internal organs. The ultrasound as opposed to the x-ray examination has no radioactive hazard and therefore is absolutely safe for the patient. That means that the ultrasound can be repeated many times.

Other Advantages of Ultrasound:

  • Possibility to examine several organs in one session;
  • Gives sufficient information;
  • Easy to perform;
  • Relatively inexpensive.


The ultrasound can be applied in different body areas: abdominal cavity organs, kidney, prostate gland, heart, ovaries and uterus, mammary gland, etc.

Ultrasound is useful in study of fetal malformation.

Ultrasound is especially effective in the examination of the abdominal cavity organs.

World Health Organization recommends ultrasound for primary diagnostics of many diseases. At our Clinic you can get Ultrasound Testing at any time.

Please read about the preparation for ultrasound before you get tested.