Mycosis is a name for all diseases caused by fungi. They are various. Around one fourth of people in Russia have fungi on their nails or toes.

People get fungi in water pools, saunas, sports trainings, through shared footwear, and things. You are under a threat of getting a fungus in any room you walk barefoot. Tiny skin flakes bearing a fungus get into shoes or onto walls of a sauna and then get to the skin of a fungus-free person. You may get a mycosis during manicure or pedicure, using another person’s comb of towel.

Any other skin lesion (cracks, ulcers, erosions) or blood circulation disorder may promote a fungus to spread. Diabetes, trombophlebitis, corns, excessive weight, use of smoking, and lowered immune system.

Fungi commonly appear between toes. The skin there itches, gets red and crackly and flakes off. Then, the infection spreads on feet. The skin on the feet turns yellow and firm, dry skin flakes away in small crumbs. Mycosis does not go away on its own.

Over time, fungus may spread to any other part of the body’s skin. They may be groin area, armpits, chest, hair, etc. It may affect organs inside the body as well.

See a doctor as early as possible! The earlier you will treat the earlier it will be cured. Besides, mind if you have a fungus, you are constantly dangerous for your family members and you can pass the infection to them any time.