Oncomarker Tests

Oncomarker tests are performed on the latest equipment using high quality reagents.

Exact cost of testing and management for conditions can be detected only by doctor during initial appointment.

You can book an appointment on 342-66-13.

The clinic in open daily 9am till 9pm.

We carry out the following tests:

  • CA-125, ovaries
  • CEA, small and large intestine
  • PSA total, prostate-specific antigen (3rd generation)
  • PSA free (3rd generation)
  • A-fetoprotein, primary liver cancer, placental pathology
  • hCG, chorionepithelioma, testicular cancer
  • CA-19-9, pancreas
  • CA-72-4, stomach, mucus-producing ovarian tumour
  • MCA, breast
  • CA-15-3, breast
  • Bard diagnostics, urine-based bladder cancer test
  • Calcitonin, medullary thyroid cancer New !
  • SCC – cervical cancer markers, squamous cell carcinoma
  • Neuron-specific enolase, NSE New !
  • B-2 microglobulin