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General Practitioner specializes in the internal diseases. It is one the most ancient medical specialties which took its beginning from the first healers.

The inner diseases concern different diseases of organs inside the body. The General Practitioner usually specializes in all systems of the body – from the digestive system to the endocrine system, from the respiratory system to the circulatory system. Other branches of medicine took their beginning from the General Practice. The reception by a General Practitioner is the beginning of every therapeutic treatment.

An appointment with a GP as a start of every treatment

Along with the treatment the GP must find out the reasons for the diseases and start their prevention. The highly skilled GP knows a lot of facts from all branches of medicine. The consultation with a GP is necessary to detect the patient’s medical condition, determine the treatment measures and as needed to reffer to a definite specialist.

The right course of medical treatment of the patient depends on the experience and expertise of the General Practitioner.

We recommend you to see a General Practitioner if the symptoms are not clear. He will appoint you to the necessary testing and examination that will help determine the reasons for the disease.