Reflex Therapist. Secrets of Acupuncture

Reflex Therapist is a doctor specialized in the healing of the organism with influence on the biologically active points of the organism.

In the beginning of 1991 a group of American doctors was developing a way of treating the facial nerve paralysis with acupuncture. The treatment was effective, besides it had a clear cosmetic effect. Then the specialists decided to develop a complex rejuvenation program based on acupuncture. Yet in 1996 The International Journal of Clinic Acupuncture published the information that out of 300 patients treated with acupuncture 90% felt noticeable improvement after the first session. There was pointed out that the skin became smoother and more resilient, the muscles more elastic, the wrinkles leveled and the face colour became normal. Besides the overall body’s rejuvenation effect was evident. The facial acupuncture quickly became popular in the USA and the Great Britain. Evidently the acupuncture is not only demanded by celebrities but also the demand in acupuncture specialists is steadily increasing. There are several names of the procedure: facial acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, acupuncture lifting, etc.

Long ago the modern scientists determined that there are biological points on the human body as well as on the face. The acupuncture is performed exactly on these points.

While activating the points the inflow of blood and lymph to the skin surface happens, the collagen produce is increased; the acne disappears due to normalization of hormonal imbalances. Even the eyes look clear and lively. Thus the personТs real individual beauty becomes apparent. At the same time the acupuncture doesnТt have sad consequences as many other popular procedures and helps rejuvenate without side effects.

We can point out the main advantages of the acupuncture – it gives noticeable localized effect, reduces signs of old age, regulates and coordinates the action of the nervous system, which in turn eliminates the digestions problems and emotional stress. They say in China: ‘The beauty comes from insideТ. Since there is an intimate connection between our physical and emotional state, all negative feelings and emotions affect our appearance and skin health.

Who Needs Reflex Therapist

There is a hidden sense in the acupuncture cosmetology Ц the emotional stability. Effecting on the biologically active points one can effect their emotional state getting rid of anxiety and fear, or disposing them towards fruitful work. Such a correction of emotional background certainly will not solve serious psychological problems, but will effectively prevent quick ageing. After all, our muscles including facial ones have their memory which enables them to record all our emotions (mostly negative because they are stronger). It is noticed that people over 40 have all their problems seen of the face. All their former hidden insults, fears, and disappointments become more evident in their eyes. Facial acupuncture makes appearance more positive and harmonious, which even cannot be done with plastic operation. An experienced Reflex Therapist can effect on all the body in total which will not only make you look but also feel much younger.

Who Needs Cosmetic Acupuncture or Acupuncture Rejuvenation?

  • Everyone, who cares about their beauty and tries to look better.
  • Everyone, who is has an interest in slowing down the ageing processes in a natural and safe way.
  • Everyone, who avoids injecting alien substances in their face (Botox, Restylane, mezzo-cocktals, etc.)
  • Everyone, who has allergy to cosmetics and cosmetic procedures.
  • Everyone, who wants to dispense with the plastic surgery.

How Many Sessions are There in the Course?

The course in average consists of 10 to 12 sessions, 2 times a week. The effect is already seen after 3 to 5 procedures. The effect can remain up to 2 Ц 3 years. Individually as needed maintaining sessions are performed once a month. Of course, the rate of change depends on the age, hormones, type of skin, stage of problem and life style.

How Painless the Cosmetic Acupuncture is?

While the needle is coming inside the skin the pain can be felt. Using quality disposable materials, active manipulations, location techniques make the procedure less painful. In any event, it is a quite bearable procedure.

Who Suits the Acupuncture the Best?

We can say in brief Ц all fertile age women.

Unfortunately during the menopause the effectiveness of acupuncture lifting decreases. Estrogen Ц female hormone Ц is very important in keeping the skin cells restored. Since the cosmetic acupuncture refers us to the inner resources of the body, the best results are at the women that are able to produce babies. During this period the body accepts nearly every rejuvenating task.

When Cosmetic Acupuncture is not Performed?

In case of the following illnesses: hypertonic disease, fibrillation, diabetes, insulin-dependent diabetes, oncologic diseases, epilepsy, blood coagulation system disease, easy bruising, haemophilia. The cosmetic acupuncture is not performed on pregnant women, during some stages of infectious diseases, flu, URI, herpes, acute skin and allergic diseases, people with cardiostimulators. Dear customers, remember to have a consultation with a specialized doctor before applying any treatment methods and taking any medications in order to find out about possible counter-indications or usefulness of these methods and medications for you individually!