At the Evromedika Clinic Phlebologist diagnoses and treats varicose veins in legs, deep venous thrombosis, and leg ulcer. Timely appointment with a specialist is a right way toward recovery or preventing a disease from coming back.

When one should see a Phlebologist?

Many people across the globe need to see a Phlebology expert for a consultation for different reasons. They include:

  • Swollen feet and ankles, mainly in the afternoon
  • Spider veins on feet
  • Night cramps in calves
  • Heaviness in legs and some other similar unpleasant signs

At first sight, varicose veins are a simple aesthetic defect. When the disease is developing, tissue feeding is affected. This leads to leg ulceration and blood clot formation. Blood clots may be fatal.

Why is it worth seeing namely a Phlebologist at the Evromedika Clinic?

Our clinic’s Phlebologist carries out complete physical examination of their patients, assesses state and permeability of vessels as well as stage of the condition. The doctor appoints treatment according to the obtained data. Ultrasound screening helps doctor diagnose and seek for blockage of blood flow and assess work of venous valves. The latest technologies are used for screening. Phlebologist may be present during screening analyzing problem and noting suspicious moments.

Patients can easily reach the clinic units since they are at short-walk distance from metro stations (MS Prospekt Veteranov and MS Komendantskiy Prospekt) in Kirovskiy and Primorskiy Districts of Saint Petersburg.