From: Viktoria
For: Dr Igor A. Izmakin, Urology
Mark: the best
I appreciate Dr Igor A. Izmakin! I have treated my cystitis with many doctors for many years. It helped for a while, but I couldn’t improve the condition revolutionary. Dr Izmakin competently examined me and my husband. We both had treatment and now Ive forgot my past problems.

From: Sergey
For: Dr Igor A. Izmakin, Urology
Mark: the best
I have been treated with different doctors for about 10 years. These were various schemes and medications. However, I hadnt been healed… Fortunately, I came for an appointment with Dr Izmakin in 2009 (then it was yet at another clinic). I had a course of treatment (occult infection), for two months, I cant remind. Thanks to correct diagnosis and professional disease management now Im healthy. About 2 years have gone. I have never felt better.
If anyones having similar problems, I can recommend only Dr Izmakin. Thank you!

From: Anna
For: Dr Mariya O. Semyonova, Gynecology
Mark: the best
I appreciate Dr Semyonova. She diagnosed my condition correctly. No one could do it before. Now the appointed treatment is helping me. Im not waiting for a wonder. I know my disease is untreatable. But now I can see a result and I can really feel better. Nice to see such professional Gynecology and Urology Doctors.

From: Mariya
For: Dr Mariya O. Semyonova, Gynecology
Mark: the best
The best Gynecologist I have ever been treated by! Sensitive, caring, skillful and, above all, real human.

From: Viktoriya Zalivina
For: Dr Yelena V. Grinyakina, Gynecology
Mark: the best
I have been seen by Dr Grinyakina for a long time. She saw her patients at another clinic then. I changed clinic as soon as she came to The Evromedika Clinic. Especially now it is situated even in my close vicinity. Once Yelena Vladimirovna helped me solve the most serious problems for me. Now she only looks after my female health. I have been treated at other clinics and by other doctors. The difference is evident. I didnt want to live any more after diagnoses and advices given by them. Dr Grinyakina approaches from another corner and she seems to have no scary diagnoses. Everything is so easy. Seems I have only to look after my own health. It is always a pleasure to come to see her at an appointment. She is not only a professional but also charming and lively woman, who infects with her enthusiasm and good mood. Thank her, very much!

From: the Ivanovs, the Klimovs
For: Dr Sergey N. Osipov, Surgery, Management
Mark: the best.
I, my husband and our families express our appreciation to you for your help and support in diagnosing.
My husband happened to get seriously ill. Due to incorrect description of a computed tomography he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, liver cancer and lymph node cancer. Along with that, he was in a serious condition, reactive arthritis and had high temperature. For this reason, we were driven form regional health centre to an oncologic centre and back giving us to understand that we had no chance for recovery.

Thanks to timely counselling given by you and your colleagues, we were diagnosed with another disease. Though, it had to be treated for a long time, we got hope for possible recovery!

Take our sincere appreciation for your sympathetic attitude to our problems, for your concern, attention and, above all, your professional surgical care.

May your kindness return to you many times more. We wish you good health and prosperity in life and business, professional health care workers and colleagues.

From: Pyotr
For: Dr Sergey V. Filippov, Boris V. Dolgo-Saburov, Yuriy E. Tretyakov, Urology
Mark: the best
I had a course of medication for male problems and infections. After I got better I made some appointments with Neurologists and I can see positive effect. I write you because I know how difficult it is to find real medical specialists. On making an appointment with Urology Doctor on discount action I understood ‘this doctor will certainly help. And that happened. Before that, I used to be seen by 5 or 8 doctors in different clinics, but I have never gone to them again.