Benefits of acupuncture include:

  • Non-drug treatment or minimal use of drugs
  • Not cause allergy or drug dependence
  • Almost no contraindications
  • Body’s inner resources get mobilized

The principle of reflex therapy is the notion that all human body and personality functions as a whole system. Imbalance in one part of the body affects all other parts of the body. Reflex therapy is used in treatment for some common illnesses. They include back pain, digestion problems, migraine, premenstrual syndrome, stress and weakness.

After patients had undergone a reflex therapy course they felt metabolic normalization and less urge to eat.

During course, reflex regionas of body’s nervous system are stimulated and appearing impulses are sent to corresponding nervous centers. The nervous system, in its turn, sends impulses to affected organs or systems of the body initiating systems to restore.

Reflex Therapy Is Recommended in:

  1. Classical acupuncture, or jen therapy. It is done in all points on head, body, arms, legs, and auricles using needles
  2. Warming and cauterization, or dzu therapy. Moxas are used to warm active points
  3. Application, or tsubo therapy. Coloured balls and plates of different metals and offshoots of grains and seeds are used
  4. Vacuum massage. Jars are used to make vacuum over active points and regions
  5. Auricular acupuncture
  6. Parmacoacupuncture
  7. Magnetic therapy
  8. Point massage
  9. Su-Jok therapy