Osteochondrosis of the spine

Osteochondrosis is affection in joints. Different joints may be affected but it often refers to spinal disks.


Straight walking is the main reason. Animals are less common to have it because their load on the spinal cord is distributed on all the body. People, on the contrary, keep spinal cord vertically when walking and sitting increasing the load.

The problem does not arise when walking because spinal cord is naturally curved and supported by muscles. However, sedentary lifestyle is bad for health. Long sitting keeps one muscles work and other rest. As a result a person develops pain in muscles and spine degeneration. Besides, in sitting position spine disks have more pressure then lying or standing. They get injured and a person develops osteochodrosis.


Another main reasons for the condition is obesity (excessive load on intervertebral joints), flat foot (decreased foot shock-absorbing properties increase load on spinal cord), using soft bed and soft furniture, carrying bag on one shoulder makes imbalance of load.

Osteochondrosis can occur in different segment of spine – neck, chest, and lower back.


  • Pain in spine.
  • Pain in lower back, in middle back and in cervical spine.
  • Pain may move to other parts of the body.
  • Body’s movement ability may be limited.
  • Crunch in spine

Preventing and Treating Osteochondrosis

Prevention is simple – look after your posture and body position you are during the day. Do not stoop, do not sit crooked, take regular breaks and move. Healthy eating has its role – poor food worsens flexibility of spinal joints.


The main way of treatment is healing exercises. There are different complex exercises for different segments of spinal cord. Additionally, massage, manual therapy and corsets are used in treatment for osteochondrosis.


Only a specialist can work out a complex program of treatment. Call to your doctor for an appointment when the problem arises.