MRI Scanning

It is clear, sometimes doctor needs to check into your body to know the reason for a disease and be able to make a right diagnosis. They may need to see the state of a body part, evaluate state of soft tissues and blood flow. The method is to be safe and give enough information. “Is it possible?” you may ask. Yes, of course.

MRI scan, magnetic resonance imaging, is used for this.

The diagnostic procedure enables to get images of body parts and soft tissues in different planes. Magnetic resonance imaging is safe. It is based on the principle of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) of nitrogen.

Our body contains fats, proteins and water in high quantities. All these substances have abundantly hydrogen. 63% of atoms in our body appear to be atoms of hydrogen. The protons of these atoms have magnetic field. Under the influence of a magnetic field they give NMR-signal. The signal is to be processed.

MRI scanner creates a magnetic field. Patient is placed into the field. Under the influence of the magnetic field molecules change their condition. Scanning is performed and the changed condition of the molecules is followed up. The data is collected by the computer. The computer processes them and produces the final image.

How is procedure carried out?

Patient is asked to lie on the scan table. The technologist sets coil so that the organ of interest occurs inside the circular magnet. Magnetic field is put on and information is obtained. Study takes about 30 to 60 minutes. Patient should lie still.

Children cannot lie still for long periods. They and people suffering from claustrophobia may be given sedatives.

Where MRI will help ?

  • Investigation of structure of neck and cerebral veins
  • Investigation of internal ear
  • Investigation of eye orbits
  • Investigation of renal arteries

MRI will help in many other cases.

There are contraindications to usage of MRI for patients:

  • With cardiac stimulators
  • With metal implants
  • With foreign metal objects in the body (after an accident or war)

In all these cases, patient should consult a healthcare professional.