Neurologist is the Specialist in the Nervous System Diseases

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In Our Clinic is Used Jen Dzu Therapy (Acupuncture, Reflex Therapy, Acupuncture Warming)

The classic Jen Dzu therapy appeared in China about 2500 – 3000 years ago. The method had improved for thousands of years and successfully applied by Chinese healers to treat a great deal of diseases without taking medication.

The method regards the healthy body as a whole. According to the ancient Chinese medicine the healthy body is secured by the continuous energy circulation, balance of yin and yang and five substances comprised together to be responsible for the work of the organic whole, the persons physical and mental state. The balance can be disordered due to different reasons and the symptoms of diseases of different seemingly unrelated organs and body systems occur. For example, the disorder in the liver can affect eyes or joint conditions can be caused by arterial blood pressure. The influence on the biologically active points with the acupuncture (Jen) and warming (Dzu) restores the flow of the energy in the systems and brings the health back. The patients are necessary to know that the diseases are caused except by external factors Ц infections, injures Ц also by the internal factors such as stresses, unhealthy food habits or life style. To achieve the best result the doctor not only performs procedures but also gives recommendations on food and physical exercises.

Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention

  • Primary and secondary prevention
  • Taking actions in primary prevention
  • Choosing diet
  • Aid in giving up bad habits
  • Choosing healing exercises
  • Arterial pressure control
  • Blood index control
  • Detecting heart rhythm disorder
  • ECG control
  • Identifying high-risk groups
  • Clinical examination
  • Choosing preparations
  • Treatment for diabetes
  • Taking actions in primary prevention
  • Antihypertensive therapy
  • Antithrombotic therapy
  • Anticoagulant therapy;
  • Hypolipidemic therapy
  • Referral for surgery

Neurology treat different the nervous system conditions. The word neuron in Greek means ‘vein, nerve’. The branch of Neurology dealing with diseases is named Neuropathology.

The diseases that the Neuropathology deals with are different: radiculitis, neuralgia, headache, infection diseases, heritable diseases. The spinal column conditions are not far and therefore the Neuropathology deals with osteochonrosis, scoliosis, spinal disk hernia, etc.

The neurologic diseases go along with the diseases of the cardiovascular system, e.g., vegetative-vascular dystonia, arterial pressure disorder, heart failure. Too often nerve conditions are accompanied by muscles and bone conditions. 

Remember! Any disease is better to treat on its early stage, and is much better to prevent in good time. Nowadays we have a great number of contemporary methods Ц ultrasound, x-ray and magnetic resonance tomography, laboratory investigations Ц enabling to detect the disease in the early stages. DonТt give up if the disease stage is late.

The Euromedica Clinic regards Neurology as its high priority. Our specialists will definitely provide you with help in examination and treatment.

Neuropathology is a medicine specialty that deals with the diseases of the nervous system and Neurology studies the nervous system. Neurologist treats diseases and disorders of nervous system.

The modern medicine regards vegetative disorders as a problem of current importance. The symptoms of the diseases are often seen in the people who have never complained of their health. The signal of the nervous system disorder can be a common headache (the people who like to the solve the headache problem with a pain killer should know it can be a main symptom of many diseases).

The consultation with a neurologist is vital for your life when you have:

  • headache;
  • sleep disorders;
  • pain in the neck, chest, low back and extremities;
  • increased intracranial pressure;
  • dizziness;
  • faint, paralysis, cramps and tremors.

The large variety of the nervous system diseases makes qualified diagnostics vital important. The result of the treatment always directly depends on how early the patient has seen a doctor. Our Clinic provides with the Neurologist services in Saint Petersburg.

Consultation with a Neurologist is a paid service at The Euromedica Medical Centre.

Since the Private Medical Centre possesses the latest equipment and skillful medical staff and taking into account how important the neurologic problems are, the appointment with a specialist at The Medical Centre is always crucial.

At The Euromedica Centre a skillful Neurologist or Neuropathologist will always help you treat neuritis, osteochondrosis, stroke follow-ups.

Always see an experienced Neurologist in good time!

Timely consultation with a Neurologist is very important. A good Neurologist will provide you with an examination program, treatment recommendations and as needed will direct you to another necessary medical specialist.

The exact cost of examination or treatment can be assessd only by a doctor during the first visit.

To make an appointment call in Saint Petersburg 342 66 13.

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