Tonsillitis is inflammation of tonsils.

Clinical Manifestations

Both acute and chronic tonsillitis start in acute form: high temperature 38-39C, fever, sore throat, pain in ear on the affected side. Tonsils are swollen with purulent spots on them. White patches can be found all over the inflamed area in children in tonsillitis caused by fungi.

The main sign for long-lasting tonsillitis is purulent discharge when pressing over the inflamed tonsils. A bad breath may occur.


The treatment for an acute tonsillitis depends on the causing agent. Thus, in bacterial quinsy, antibiotics, gargling with antiseptic solutions, lozenges are prescribed.

Treatment is started with conservative procedures. If 2 or 3 courses of treatment prove ineffective and acute form is still keeping, an operation may be performed. Conservative treatment concerns gargling tonsils with antiseptic solutions and physiotherapy. Quinsy and chronic tonsillitis are to be treated, since not the disease is dangerous, but its complications, when joints, heart and kidneys may be irreversibly affected.