Otolaryngologist, ENT


At The Euromedica Clinic a highly qualified ENT is receiving

Otolaryngologist is a specialist dealing with the diseases in ear, nose and throat. The word is  derived from the Greek words with the same meaning.

Why does the subject combine three components? The reason is simple: these three organs are directly anatomically interconnected and combined in one abbreviation ENT.

Every one of us has had cough and cold, but seldom regarded them as important symptoms. Anyway if timely and necessary treatment is not performed the symptom can have unpleasant follow-ups. The illness can become persistent and worry all life.

Sinusitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis, tonsillitis, adenoid, antritis, laryngitis and otitis are unpleasant diseases. The diseases can be complicated and may cause loss of hearing. The infection can get to other body organs.

The symptoms can look unpleasant. Who likes a person with catarrh, blocked nose and cough?!

No one should regard the symptoms as petty. Don’t fail to see the Otolaryngologist.

At The Euromedica Clinic a highly qualified ENT is receiving

If you need a really good specialist, see the Otolaryngologist at The Euromedica Clinic. Our Otolaryngologist receives both children and adults in Saint Petersburg. Among the specialists the Clinic is really proud about is the Otolaryngologist. Our ENT will diagnose and appoint treatment. The Otolaryngologist is one of the most popular medical specialists in Saint Petersburg. The reasons for it are windy and humid climate and industrial companies in the city. Under such climate and environmental conditions one should pay a special attention to their ENT-organs.

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Otolaryngologist is a complicated word so we use ENT Ц ear-nose-throat. The name refers to the specialty of the doctor Ц nasal cavities, gullet, larynx and their surrounding structures. Though the ENT treats many diseases he is often demanded in the city environment conditions due to often occurring URTI, upper respiratory tract infections. Many people suffer from them.

Why Timely Appointment with ENT is Necessary

You shouldnТt regard cold and inflammation of nasal cavities as unimportant and rely on the recovery on their own. They can cause very serious complications like antritis or neurology. The ENT diseases can cause loss of hearing, smell and sight. Even a common quinsy can be a cause for the pains in the joints (rheumatism), kidney failure and rheumatic heart disease.

In order to avoid such problems see a doctor in time! Our ClinicТs doctors will help you on the early stages of the illness.

The exact cost of the treatment can be assessed by the doctor during the first visit.