Treatment for Prostatitis – Only in Clinic

A medical professional must treat prostatitis as well as any other Urological condition. Prostatitis is an inflammation of prostate.

Prostate is a male reproductive system organ. The pyramid-shaped gland is behind bladder. Urethra and seminal ducts go through it. Prostate produces active substances that have an effect on male body.

Prostatitis is a very common disease.


Infections – chlamydia, bacteria, viruses.

Poor blood circulation in prostate or its particular structure.

Factors for Prostatitis


Diagnostic Procedures

Never treat yourself!

Only a professional Urologist can make a right diagnosis, find the cause of the problem and appoint a correct treatment for prostatitis. See a doctor in time. If you find a correct treatment, you will cure the disease. In case of late-staged disease you can lessen unpleasant follow-ups.

Modern Methods of Treatment for Prostatitis

Nowadays Medicine Offers the Following Methods of Treatment:

Prevention of Prostatitis

Do not drag time. If you suspect prostatitis according to signs, or haven’t been to a Urologist-Andrologist for a long time call for an appointment with a doctor at Euromedica. Start treatment in time. Our medical professionals will help you in diagnostic imaging and treatment.