Erectile Dysfunction

Most men are afraid of impotence. Erectile dysfunction refers to inability to get or keep erection to different degree.

About half of men over 40 have such problems. Sometimes young men have erectile dysfunction.

How Erection Occurs

Penis has spongy structure and two cavernous bodies. The spongy structure can accumulate fluids. Blood comes there in arteries.

When a man is exited arteries bring blood to penis while the blood out-flowing veins narrow. As a result the caverns are filled with blood and erection occurs. It will keep till the blood flows out in veins.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Many people presume it is a sexual problem. No way. The reason may be a disease and the patient may be unaware of it.

These may be diseases of endocrine system, vascular diseases, inflammation of pelvic organs and nervous diseases. Medicines, excessive cholesterol level, spinal cord and pelvic organs injuries or surgery may cause impotence.

Methods of Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction


Viagra increases blood flow in arteries. However, it helps not every person with an erectile dysfunction.

Pills containing ginseng, eleutherococcus, golden root, and things are useful for blood circulation but their work is overestimated by sellers. In any event, they are not hazardous.


Man gives an injection into his penis. The medication broadens the blood vessels. This kind of medication is to be given once a week. It should be prescribed by a doctor. Its disadvantages are discomfort in use and possible complications.

Insertion medicine into urethra

A person inserts the medicine into urethra 20 minutes before sexual contact. It provides erection for a long period. The disadvantages are uncomfortable and expensive.

Using Pump

A man inserts his penis into a cylinder. The pump makes vacuum. The pressure within the penile arteries increases and the erection occurs. Tourniquet is used to block blood outflow. 

Surgery on penile veins

Surgery procedures aimed to increase blood inflow in arteries and block outflow in veins.

Penile Prosthesis

This is a radical method. It is used when all others do not work. It has different varieties.

Psychological Help

Sexologist specializes in treating erectile dysfunction. Often psychological cause contributes to erectile dysfunction.

Many people are shy to confess the problem. Remember, impotence is to be overcome! Turn to our medical professionals for help.

Professionals at The Euromedica will do all necessary investigations, find the causes, and provide necessary treatment.