Erectile Dysfunction

Many men care about their erection. Penile prostheses, injections, pumps – everything is invented to ensure reliable penis stand-up. Many people believe that the reason for absent erection is physical. 

Nothing like that. First erection tells about overall body’s health state, secondly it refers to our psychological condition. Erectile dysfunction (insufficient erection to different degree) may result from diseases, stresses, and things.

One should be concerned only if there is no erection at all or if it disappears after insertion of the penis.

Possible Reasons

Suppose, you have decided you have a problem. First of all, you should define is it due to physical reason. You should ask yourself before going to see your health provider:

  • Does the erection occur in the night or in the morning when you wake up?
  • Does it happen you have erection in the night and in the morning but it disappears when you are with partner?
  • Does it happen when you have erection doing manual stimulation and no erection with the partner?

If all answers are ‘yes’, then the problems result from your psychology and a skillful Psychologist can help you. If you have no erection in the night, it may result from a physical problem. If you have no erection even masturbating, you definitely should see your doctor.

The physical problems may be diabetes, vascular conditions and prostatic diseases. A medicine you’re taking may cause the problem. Don’t be shy to ask your health care provider if the medicine he has prescribed you effect ejaculation.

Excessive eating, smoking and alcohol will never improve erection. Give up bad habits and you will feel changes in your life, especially in sex life.

As an old saying goes: ‘a kettle that is just looked at will never boil’. If you just look at your penis it will never stand up. You should look after it and care about your erection.