Medical Abortion

Medical abortion is a nonsurgical end of pregnancy using medicines (pills).

A timely medical abortion is a contemporary method of abortion. Its advantages include:

  • Effective. By 96 percent if done in time, before 6 weeks of pregnancy
  • Painless
  • Can be done on the day of request
  • Can be performed on early stages
  • Mild possible consequences
  • Does not reduce the ability to give birth
  • Compared to surgical abortion is more emotionally comfortable

The WHO recommends medical abortion as a harmless procedure.

Nevertheless, on having done a medical abortion women should obey several restrictions. They include: 

  • To avoid having sex till the next menstrual period
  • To avoid vigorous activity (especially not to lift weight)
  • To practice good hygiene

In case of blood discharges, pain in lower abdomen and raise of temperature, visit your doctor!

Highly experienced medical staff at The Evromedika Clinic will help you. Medical abortion is done after careful physical examination of the patients. Though, keep in mind, to avoid complications it is better to visit your doctor as early as possible. The earlier you will do that, the more harmless abortion will be for your health.

Medical abortion is a non-surgical way to end pregnancy using medications. The procedure helps avoid such consequences as ovular dysfunction, uterine perforation, acute post-abortion endometritis. Besides, it decreases risk of getting hepatitis, HIV, infections, pelvic adhesive disease.

Not long time ago, unwanted pregnancy drove women to Gynecologic departments. Now quality nonsurgical abortion became a real alternative to early-stage surgical abortion. Medicines made in Russia and Europe are used. Ideally, medical abortion works the following way: active substance in medicine is progesterone antagonist. As a result of taking medicine the uterine progesterone receptors are blocked, pregnancy is ended and fetus is removed. Uterine contractility increases, cervix opens, and amniotic egg is released.

Then, supporting medicine Cytotec is taken.

The main disadvantage is total effectiveness is not ensured. The method does not prove effective by 5.5 to 10 percent. The result depends on individual reaction of the patient’s body to the medicine and stage of pregnancy.

Abortion in Clinic Ensures Your Safety

Contemporary clinic has modern equipment and experienced staff. This ensures minimal risk for women’s health when performing such difficult procedure. Not long time ago, ending pregnancy demanded surgery. Today, we have good and safe, medical, or nonsurgical, abortion. That means pregnancy can be ended with medicine.

In our clinic, you can end a pregnancy harmlessly after you have done some diagnostic procedures and complete testing.

Medical abortion is done at The Evromedika Clinic. If you have no idea where to do a medical abortion, call for an appointment with our specialists.

The Evromedika. Doing Medical Abortion in Saint Petersburg

The Evromedika Clinic is a contemporary medical centre licensed by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. It has contemporary equipment and highly skilled medical staff, which ensures quality medical services. Residents of Saint Petersburg have used them for long.

Effective medical abortion at The Evromedika Clinic is a result of quality diagnostic imaging and using approved medicine made in Russia and abroad. Last model of expert ultrasound scanner from Esaote MyLab50 (Italy) enables to find pregnancy at the earliest stages.

Price for medical abortion includes imaging and initial examination of patient. Out professionals provide effective medical care, based on checked facts.

Warning! Inadequate management for pregnancy may lead you to infertility!