Treating Infertility. Artificial Insemination

At The Evromedika Clinic you can have widely available and proved effective method of treatment for infertility – artificial insemination, also known as intrauterine insemination (IUI)

Statistics show that in Russia 15% to 35% of couples have difficulty conceiving. 

A couple is considered infertile if they cannot conceive a baby within a year of having sex without contraceptives.

In this event, woman should visit specialists and find the reason for infertility. In most cases, infertility is not absolute, and modern technologies are able to help those couples. Having IUI in The Evromedika is one way to achieve success.

During last 10 years intrauterine insemination has been greatly preferred. The method ensures delivery of sperm to the uterus, which increases the chance of conception. Before having IUI sperm is to be prepared with special equipment. Within a few hours sperm is processed to select faster-moving sperm so that the sperm becomes concentrated and all impurities are removed. The process proves effective since it is resembles the natural one. It is an outpatient procedure and safe. The only condition is one fallopian tube is to be open.

What is intrauterine insemination?

Intrauterine insemination is one of the reproductive technologies. It is based on insertion of man’s processed sperm into uterus on favourable days. The sperm may be given either by husband or a donor.

How intrauterine insemination is performed?

A special instrument – catheter – is used to insert sperm. It is made of flexible nontoxic materials. After sperm is inside uterus, the same natural processes take place. Sperm gets into the uterine tubes and make its way to the end of the tubes. There sperm finds its ovule and ovulation happens. It is a painless procedure and does not require anaesthesia. Women have no allergy to catheter.

Why fresh sperm is not used for insemination?

In this event, the success is less possible while risk of infection increases. Besides, there are a lot of impurities. They can lead to development of allergic reactions. The WHO (the World Health Organization) recommends only specially processed sperm to be used in intrauterine insemination.

What does specially processed sperm mean?

Men’s sperm may be improved and enriched by removing impurities and increasing its concentration. As a result, not actually sperm, but nutrient medium is inserted rich of proteins and nutrient substances.

Additional advantage is that as needed such a sample may be frozen in liquid nitrogen in order to be able to wait till woman is ready for conception.