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Gynecologist treats female reproductive system diseases and disorders. Not a secret, many women are not in a hurry to see a Gynecologist on regular basis. They always can find an answer to rarely concerning questions online, especially if they don’t have uncomfortable feelings. They can ask their friend, who has had ‘the same symptoms, but everything got better on its own or, for instance, take everything-treating tablets they have seen on TV commercial.

Nevertheless even gynecologist online consultation cant be a basis for the treatment. Attempts to start treating without specialized consultation with a gynecologist can cause harder pains or serious sexual problems. When the woman gets the late appointment with the gynecologist the stage of the unpleasant disease can turn out very late. It can be either cervical erosion or endometriosis or candidosis or something else.

Self-treatment in unacceptable! The consultation with a gynecologist is necessary be done two times a year for prevention of different diseases. The unpleasant symptoms are not only uncomfortable by themselves but also can cause serious conditions of a female organism such as nervous diseases or infertility.

See a gynecologist at once if youve noticed the following symptoms:

  • Itch and burning in the genitals;
  • Unusual discharges from the genital tracts;
  • Menstruation disorders;
  • Pains in lower abdomen, strengthening in cold, before the menstruation or during it;
  • Appearance of wart or ulcer-like lumps on the genitals.

Mind the disease can go without symptoms. You should see a gynecologist to detect it.

Euromedica: you can make an appointment to a specialist.

Euromedica is a European level clinic. It provides its services for two largest districts of Saint Petersburg: Kirovky and Primorsky. You can make an appointment via net or by phone.

At out doctors disposal are various instrumental and laboratory examination facilities such as ultrasound, colposcopy, bacteria and cytology investigation and many others enabling us to do all kinds of diagnostic procedures and make necessary tests during the appointment.

We offer all kinds of female health care – consultations on diseases prevention, safe sex, healthy life style as well as solving problems of sexual disorders, endocrine system, pregnancy disorders, etc.

After the consultation with the Gynecologist youll get overall notion of your personal reproductive system, and as needed youll be proposed a personal treatment program. We treat not symptoms but the reasons and therefore Euromedica guarantees recovery.

Our clinic also provides the following services:

  • Diagnostics and Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases;
  • Preventive Examinations;
  • Treatment of Disorders of Menstrual Cycle;
  • Contraception Methods Recommendation;
  • Gynecological Endocrinology;
  • Diagnostics and Treatment of Sterility;
  • Family Planning Assistance.

Dear ladies! Do not neglect to visit a gynecologist. There are many contemporary Gynecology clinics in Saint Petersburg which enables you to look after you health on regular basis.