Breast Cysts

Breast cyst is a tumour of localized fibroadenomatous variety. They are smooth fluid-filled sacs appearing in ducts.

Cysts may be single and multiple. Infection-induced inflammation is very painful.

Reasons for Cysts to Appear

Breast cysts result from fibrocystic breast changes (mastopathy). Hormone imbalance processes within women affect breast tissues. As a result fibrocystic breast changes occur.

Are Breast Cysts Dangerous?

They are not life-threatening. Infected cysts may form pus. Women with breast cysts are more at risk to form breast cancer.

Treating Cysts

Treatment for Cysts depends on their size and amount. Conservative option is used when cysts are grape-shaped small lumps. Big cysts are punctured and fluid is drained (with following cytological study). On punctured walls of cyst come together and, as a rule, they are never filled again with fluids.

What Methods of Study Does Mammographer Have?

First of all, a mammographer will listen the patient’s complaints and perform an exam. The mammography procedures may include:

  • Mammography (breast x-ray)
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Breast aspiration, aspiration of breast cyst to study cells in breast tissues. Trepan biopsy for breast is used for more close scrutiny of breast tissues.
  • Ductography (contrast material-enhanced breast’s duct x-ray)