Hemorrhoids is a common condition. It is linked with inflammation, clot forming, enlargement of hemorrhoidal veins. They form hemorrhoid pads around back passage.

The disease may occur in men and women, but men who are over 50 form it most often, though it may occur in younger people as well.

The reason for hemorrhoids is blood staying in pelvic and anal areas. For different reasons – chronic constipations, sedentary job, swelling near the veins – blood inside veins puts pressure on their walls enlarging them.

Causative Factors

  • Family history
  • Inactive lifestyles
  • Sedentary lifestyles
  • Use of alcohol
  • Spicy foods


Usually, hemorrhoids develop gradually.

  • Heaviness and itchiness around anus
  • Sometimes constipations
  • Pain (more intense after taking alcohol or spicy food as well as after exercises)
  • Hemorrhoidal bleeding (usually after passing stool)
  • Hemorrhoids move down (first when passing stool, then after exercise, cough and sneeze)
  • Hemorrhagic necrosis and thrombosis

Treating Hemorrhoids

  • Medication (pain relievers, phlebotonics, hemostyptic and thrombolytic ferment drugs)
  • Surgery (hemorroidectomy)