Facial and Body Skin Contouring

After age 30 or 40, people find they have signs of ageing in their face. Lines appear, nasolabial folds are getting deeper and lips start seem thinner. So what? Does it mean youth and beauty are left behind?! No way!

Our specialists can turn time back. You will be offered several ways of correction for signs of ageing. They include facial contouring with gels based on stabilizing hyaluronic acid.

Facial contouring with short-acting gels is the best non-surgical techniques. The main advantage of the procedure is it takes little time and gives good cosmetic result seen immediately after the procedure – wrinkles disappear, deep folds smoothen, face gets good shape, lips are plump. You seem younger, happier and feel high-spirited when you look at your reflection in the mirror.

Over time natural ferments will flush out injected gels. Fibers of elastin and collagen created under the action of gels will save their firm structure.