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The word surgeon is derived from old chirurgeon, two Greek words meaning ‘hand’ and ‘work’. This is a medicine specialty dealing with diseases that demand operative intervention. It studies technologies and methods of perfirming operations.

Along with General Practice the Surgery is a main medical subject. The Surgeons must not only master in performing a surgery but also possess general medical and biological knowledge.

Surgery gave start to some other medicine specialties dealing with the knowledge of different organs, the organ systems and their work. Practically in every branch of medicine there are cases that only an operative intervention can help. 

Cardiovascular surgery deals with the heart diseases, heart aneurysm, heart attack, etc.

Organs transplantation is not something exceptional any more and became a common operation that has saved many people.

Colorectal Surgeon deals with disorders of some parts of the bowels such as large intestine and rectum. It can be for instance hemorrhoids.

Ocular Surgeon performs surgery on the eye and Urologic Surgeon treats sexual dysfunction in men.

Surgical operations can be necessary in ENT, gynecologic, oncologic, pulmonological, etc. specialties. Breast Surgeon performs surgery on the breast, Orthopedic Surgeon provides with treatment for the musculoskeletal system, Phlebology Surgeon is needed when you have vein condition, e.g., in feet.

Appointment with a Surgeon is a number one necessity in injuries – fractures and dislocations.

Appointment with a Surgeon at The Euromedica Clinic in saint Petersburg

The Euromedica is a multi-specialty clinic tackling wide range of medical services. We are especially proud with our Surgeons. When the need arises Saint Petersburg chooses a Surgeon at The Euromedica.

You can make an appointment with our clinic’s Surgeon by phone. Choose comfortable visiting hours. Do not be afraid of the surgeon! In some cases only surgery can help avoid sad consequences.