Creating an Individual Diet Meal Plan

Individual diet meal plan is meant to normalize body’s metabolism and is based on new scientific approach of detection of latent food intolerance. It is an essential part of healthy lifestyle.

The diet plan is made up on the basis of results of immune tests of patientТs blood – determination of JgE and JgG levels. Sensitivity to 96 food products is tested.

A personal guidance for making, matching and eating of food is made up. Patient feels better and loses weight, metabolism improves, immune system boosts, intestinal flora becomes normal and symptoms of chronic diseases improve. Selection of baby food is done Ц food to avoid allergic reaction in babies.

Medical researches show that the basic reason for many chronic diseases, joint pains, migraine and overweight is hidden in the most common food products.

Yet ancient doctors noticed different people have different reaction to the same foods. A product that has benefits for one may cause side effects for another.

Every person knows what products they have allergy to. 5% of population have any kind of allergy. In this instance, body reacts to a food product as to a foreign substance and produces antibodies to fight against them. The reaction may show up as rash, difficulty breathing, and facial swelling.

There is another type of bodyТs reaction to food. It is latent food allergy, or food intolerance. Over 80% of population are subject to it. It may lead to various diseases. They include skin diseases, digestion disorders, endocrine diseases, kidney diseases, joint diseases, and migraine.

The most frequent consequence of food intolerance is overweight. Many people struggle against their illnesses and have no idea that the reason is in food they eat.

In medicine, food intolerance is biochemical hypersensitivity to certain food items which are considered by our immune system as “foreign and dangerous” and therefore are to be УattackedФ with antibodies Ц immunoglobulins. Immune complexes resulted from this reaction are carried with the blood flow around all the body disordering its normal functions.