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Appointment with Endocrinologist: When Necessary

An appointment with the Endocrinologist will answer the questions on inexplicable weight gain or loss, excessive thirst or hunger, bad cicatrization, hair loss or excessive growth, male potency problems or female irregular periods, excessive glucose level, heart arrhythmia, dormancy, memory loss, etc.  

Endocrinologist deals with problems of the endocrine system. The endocrine system is comprised of different internal secression glands. It is clear that one organ disorder will reflect in the overall work of the system. 

Besides the symptoms of the endocrine diseases are very different – from as simple as  increased irritability or lump in throat feeling to the serious ones – excess body weight, polyuria, sight loss, headaches, etc. An appointment with an Endocrinologist is necessary even in planning pregnancy (or in its early stages).

One should see Endocrinologist, as well as any other doctor, in good time. In this event the disease is easier to treat. 

Endocrinologist accepts at The Euromedica Medical Centre.

Right solution for the people in Saint Petersburg, who have noticed the listed disorders.

To make an appointment call 342 66 13. 

The Clinic is open daily from 9am until 9pm.

The exact cost of the examination and treatment can be assessed only by the doctor during the first visit.

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