Wart Removal

A wart is to be removed when it is changing in size and shape and therefore it can result in cancer. Additionally, a wart has an aesthetic effect. Especially big uneven warts on the open parts of the body do not look nice. Special ways of wart removal are used.

Indications to Wart Removal

Mainly, warts and other birthmarks are non-cancerous growths. Still you should not remove them yourself. Inaccurate wart management may cause inflammation. Do not scratch it or pull hair out of the wart. You should carefully follow the state of your wart. Wart removal may be necessary when:

  • It is changing in size and shape
  • You see a circle formed around your wart
  • Flaky and irritated wart

There are many ways to remove a wart. The choice depends on the state and appearance of the growth:

  • big warts, skin tags, moles and genital warts are removed with electrocoagulation
  • in management of warts sized over 3cm, laser and radio-wave methods are used
  • flat growths are usually removed with surgical excision