Prickly Heat

Prickly heat is a skin irritation caused by excessive sweating and slow sweat evaporation process. Hot and humid weather commonly causes prickly heat.

Prickly heat is most common in kids, when they are put too much clothing on. Surprisingly, prickly heat may occur in adults caused by overweight, heating compresses, and things.

Treating Prickly Heat

Doctor puts special zinc solutions and drying substances on the affected areas of skin. They may use menthol creams, if prickly heat is itchy. If prickly heat results in complications, it is treated with antibiotics and anti-allergic medicines.

In severe cases of excessive sweating, operative approach may be used when nerves leading to sweat glands are tied off. Giving Botox injections is the most contemporary method to manage excessive sweating. The injection blocks sweat glands for several months. Acupuncture may be applied as well.