Skin tags

Skin tag is a benign tumor that is found in people and animals.

Usually skin tags hang off the skin and are on thin base. The end of skin tag resembles cauliflower. Colour range is from flesh-coloured to brown.

Skin tags commonly occur on neck, armpits, eyelids, and genitals, rare on mucous membrane of the mouth and nose, on larynx and in bladder.

They can develop on their own or be caused by irritation or infections.

Managing and Preventing Skin Tags

Avoid dampness, be careful with cuts and scratches (these are the ways virus spreads though) and sustain your immunity. Do not scratch off, tear off, tie off or pull off any lesions. You can thence bring an infection to any part of your body.

Consider making an appointment with a Dermatologist. If not removed skin tags may cause problems.

On the other hand, having skin tags and polyps may signal that you’re having problems with your metabolism. Obviously, you should check yourself for colitis, gastritis, kidney conditions or gynecologic conditions.

Modern Ways to Remove Skin Tags

  • Electrocoagulation
  • Radiosurgery
  • Skin tag removal with laser
  • Cryoremoval
  • Chemical removal

The Euromedica Clinic in Saint Petersburg.  Skin Tag Removal

The Euromedica Clinic provides fast and effective skin tag management. If you make an appointment with our medical professional in time they will perform all necessary diagnosis and treatment.

Among the services provided by our clinic is skin tag removal. The Euromedica Clinic possesses an innovative surgical knife VESALIUS. It is the most effective and contemporary way to remove skin lesions. It enables us to perform safe skin tag removal in Saint Petersburg.