Removing Warts and Other Benign Lesions with Laser

Warts, moles and skin tags are removed with laser. Today it is the most effective and safest way of skin lesion removal. It does not cause complications and recurrences, and gives positive aesthetic effect. Laser beam evaporates superficial growths quickly and accurately. Local anaesthesia is enough during procedure. Laser treatment is especially sensible when lesions are located in eyelids, lips, eye corners and neck. Other methods of treatment there may prove painful and fraught with consequences.

The procedure is totally touchless. It rules out the possibility of HIV, hepatitis and any other infection getting into micro-wound. It does not cause bleeding and has minimal risk of pigmentation and scarring. Technical characteristics of medical equipment and experience of a doctor are to be taken into account. Although procedure seems simple, only a professional intervention may be a solution for the problem. Otherwise it may lead to serious problems.

Removing Warts in Professional Level at the Evromedika Medical Centre

Wart and skin tag removal is performed in professional level at the Evromedika Medical Centre in Saint Petersburg. Our customers can get a consultation appointment with a high-level Dermatologist. They will give an expert assessment of a superficial growth. Some malignant lesions may masquerade as common warts. The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Depending on the amount of warts to be removed and their physical properties the procedure may last from several minutes to an hour. The cut tissues may be sent for histological examination as needed.