Dermatology is a branch of medicine that treats the diseases caused by the skin dysfunction. (Greek derma means ‘skin’). It considers diagnostics and treatment of the dermal diseases.

Accordingly, a dermatology clinic is a special medical centre caring for patients suffering from skin, nails and hair dysfunction. The most popular problems dealt at a dermatology centre are psoriasis, eczema, warts, herpes, mycosis (fungi), boils, acne, skin colour changes, rash, etc.

The fact that the skin is the largest body organ defines the importance of dermatology among the medical sciences. The function of the skin is that it is the main outer barrier to any unfriendly effects of the environment. Dermal diseases are wide spread among many people. In addition, the state of the skin reflects the state of health of the viscera in the body.

Therefore it is important to note that mainly the dermal diseases are well treated, but the treatment efficiency depends on how early the patient got consultation with the specialist and started treatment.

Nowadays paid dermatologist is the choice of many our contemporaries. It is a doctor who masters his specialty and treats individually which ensures not only good effect but also strict confidence of the treatment.

The Euromedica Clinic’s Dermatology Centre

Dermatology is one of the fields of the activity of The Euromedica Clinic. We use modern methods, medications and the latest medical equipment which enables us to perform diagnostics and efficient treatment. Among other dermal conditions we treat dermatitis, lymphadenitis, eczemas, as well as removal of warts, papillomas and other growths with the innovational surgeon knife VESALIUS.

Dr. Yekaterina N. Remenuk, high-level Dermatologist, is accepting.

The healthy skin is not only the aesthetic perfection but also a reflection of the right state of the organism. Secure the health of your skin with The Euromedica Clinic!

Consultation with Dermatologist in Saint Petersburg

The clinic has all conditions for consultations and care for the patients suffering from the dermal diseases. They are modern facilities for diagnostics, any laboratory tests, well equipped dermatologist office, where the medical procedures and treatment can be carried out by a dermatologist in Saint Petersburg.

The Euromedica Clinic offers the highly qualified dermatologists whose experience will definitely help our patients.

The exact cost of the examination and treatment can be assessed by the doctor during the first visit.
To make an appointment call 342 66 13.
The Clinic works daily from 9am until 9pm.

At the Clinic’s Dermatology Department the following services are offered:

1. Consultation and Diagnostics Aid for the Patients with Growths in any Location

  • In the preliminary diagnostics of growths is used dermatoscope Eurolight-D30 (Kawe, Germany). It allows to magnify an area on the skin to 20 times.

2. Removal of Non-cancerous Growths on the Skin

  • Warts, papillomas, condylomas, pyogenic granulomas, nevi, angiomas, senile and seborrheic keratomas, fibroepiteliomas, xanthelasmas, basaliomas, etc.

3. Growths are Traditionally Cut Out by a Surgeon

  • Equipment of the operating room and expertise of the Dermatologist allow to choose the optimal way of removal basing on the character, location and size of the growth.
  • On recommendation the use of laser can be applied together with the surgical cutting. 
  • After the surgical operation the cosmetic suture is done.
  • Removed tissues are immediately sent for histologic analysis.
  • All procedures are painless and carried out under local anesthesia with contemporary anesthetics.

4. Biopsy of Any Area of the Skin and Mucous to Diagnose the Patients with Dermatology Conditions.

5. Consultation and Diagnostic Aid for the Patients Suffering from Hair Loss. The Aid is Provided according to the Following Nosology:

  • Alopecia Areata (localized, subtotal, total forms)
  • Scarring Alopecia (different forms)
  • Androgenic Alopecia in men and women
  • Diffuse Hair Loss and Thinning Hair
  • Hypertrichosis and Hirsutism
  • Seborrhea and Seborrheic Dermatitis in Areas of Smooth Skin and Scalp
  • Dandruff
  • Inflammatory Diseases in Scalp (Osteo Folliculitis, Deep Pyodermas)

Procedures Performed at The Centre.

  • Diffuse hair loss and Androgenic Alopecia treatment by intradermal injection of medications and microelements;
  • Localized Alopecia treatment by localized injection with medications;
  • Fat Seborrhea treatment with cryomassage.

6. Providing Treatment and Diagnostics for the Patients with Different Skin Fungal Diseases (keratomycosis, dermatophytic fungi, candidosis), nail plates and hair (onychomycosis, microsporia, trichophytia) as well as non-micous nail diseases.

7. Providing Treatment and Diagnostics for the Patients Suffering from Chronic Dermatoses (psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis, Lichen ruber planus, sclerodermia, vitiligo, etc.)

Removing Skin Growths

Skin growths removal nowadays is extremely popular. The basic feature of our Medical Centre is that we carefully diagnose and detect the reasons for the appearance of a disease or medical condition. Therefore skin growths removal as needed may be accompanied by effective medical treatment of dysfunctions in the body.

During the examination our Centre’s specialists will detect the special features of the organism and the provocative factors. Based on the information the optimal way of removal of the skin growth will be chosen. The treatment will be most effective, comfortable and painless.

  • In removal we use the contemporary laser facility Lahta Milon.
  • The method is based on the evaporation of the skin cells due to the properties of the laser ray.
  • Depending on the task it may be layer-by-layer destruction of the growth till the full leveling with the skin or its harmless cutting-off in special superimpulse mode.
  • The method is effective in the hardly reached places of the body.
  • The post-operative recovery takes place under a scab and is removed by itself in 4-8 days. The doctor gives recommendations on care for the removal area.
  • The procedure is bloodless and does not demand for the follow-up clinical examination. Can be performed both during the visit and in other comfortable time.

After two manipulations the post-operative period is suffered easily and does not demand any significant restrictions.