Scabies is a contagious disease caused by a mite. The mite gets into the skin during a close bodily contact with an infected person. The scabies is very common in children and among  children.

Signs of Scabies

The main sign of scabies is intense itch. It is an allergic reaction to the mite’s activity in the skin. The itch happens in about a month after infection. If a person gets scabies as soon as got rid of them, the itch happens at once. Itch gets worse at night because during that time the mite is more active.

Females burrow inside the skin. It is seen as white 1cm long lines on skin. The lines occur on palms between the fingers, wrests, soles, the inside of the elbows and in groin area.

In scabies, itchy blotches, cracks and crusts occur as a reaction of the body.

Different Scabies Are Put into Several Types:

Treating Scabies

Scabies are to be treated after a doctor has diagnosed them. Doctor diagnoses the scabies according to the results of microscopic investigations. To ensure effective treatment several conditions are to be fulfilled:

Scabies is treated by creams, suspensions and solutions such as benzyl benzoate, spregal, sulphuric ointment. Anti-allergic medication may be used.