Wart and Skin Tag Removal Is a Task for a Professional

Warts are small benign skin growths looking like a solid blister of thick skin. Warts are caused by infection. Genital warts and common warts have the same nature and caused by the same virus. The virus’s incubation period lasts from 2 to 5 months.

You shouldn’t use traditional folk self-care methods or friends’ advices. The price you will pay may become excessive due to the hazard to health these methods can cause.

Types of Warts

Doctors put warts into three basic categories:

  • Flat and common warts
  • Genital warts
  • Senile warts

Common warts are painless and form usually on hands. They look like dry, thick skin or calluses with rough surface. Warts can range in size from as small as a millimeter across to as big as a pea seed. Common warts may connect together forming larger growths.

Plantar warts form on the soles of the feet. They are common warts variety. It is a most painful type of warts and may cause many problems in walking. They may lead to loss of ability to work if not treated.

Flat warts form as a result of skin irritation from scratches, cuts, and injures. They are flat, round and oval. They appear on face and hands. Children and young adults commonly form flat warts.

Genital warts result from practicing poor hygiene. They have appearance of reddish blisters that can join together occupying areas on skin. Surely, they may not appear in a person who practices good hygiene and keeps themselves healthy and clean.

Senile warts upset the older people. They not result from virus. They are located under seborrheic layer and form on face, chest and neck. The lesions may be black, brown or flash-coloured.

Removing Warts in the Euromedica Clinic

The Euromedica Medical Centre offers wart removal in Saint Petersburg on highly professional level. Managing different lesions such as warts and skin tags with different methods including use of laser.

The Euromedica Medical Centre possesses innovative surgical knife VESALIUS – the most effective modern medical instrument. It removes warts and skin tags in the safest way. You can see prices on the price list presented to you.