Acne is an inflammation of sebaceous (grease) glands. Acne may form on face, back and chest. Seborrheic areas are in the parts of the body with a great number of grease glands.

Factors Causing Acne to Form

  • Sebaceous glands hyperplasia
  • Excessive skin flaking
  • Rapid multiplication of microorganisms
  • Inflammatory and weak immune reaction

Male sex hormones androgens cause acne to form to a great degree. They are able to produce much grease. Genetic factors and lowered immune system also play role in acne formation. Also some kinds of greasy substances such as greasy vaseline or resin may cause acne.

Hormone change effects greatly on skin condition. Female sex hormone estrogen can noticeably decrease acne formation.

Treating Acne

The method of treatment directly depends on the severity of the disease. Therefore it may be put into three categories.

Treating Mild-Stage Acne

Acne can be treated with healing and cosmetic creams and substances. It may be salicylic acid glycolic acid. Benzoyl peroxide creams are also very effective. They prevent grease glands from clogging up and have antibacterial action.

Treating Medium-Stage Acne

The treatment takes a long time. Antibiotics may be prescribed. They kill disease-causing bacteria. The treatment is individual. The longevity and doses depend on patient’s age, weight, manifestation of the disease, and other factors.

Treating Severe-Stage Acne

It requires treatment longer then 6 months using big amounts of antibiotics and oral contraceptive pills. Only a skillful Dermatologist can perform the treatment.