How Much Is Test to Be

People get tested at different Medical Centers. We often see patients who have been tested at other clinics and got no satisfactory results. They complain that symptoms come back and their health state worsens. We find new infections, after repeated tests have been done at our clinic. Our treated patients ask: ‘why?’

The characteristic features of occult infections, when clinical symptoms are not present and asymptomatic inflammation process takes place, make laboratory detection of great importance. Our female patients often complain about vaginal thrush that is not sufficiently treated. Rare patient realizes a serious condition may underlie the diagnosis. Here, quality laboratory diagnosis should play a major role. Quality laboratory detection must meet the following requirements:

1. High sensitivity

2. High specialty

3. Comfortable and simple

4. Samples are easy to be transported and stored

5. Affordable price

Bacterial culture has always been the golden standard in diagnostics. It is highly specific. The method allows not only causative agent to be ascertained but also it enables to assess activity of infection and select sensitivity to antibiotics individually. This plays an important role in prescription of effective treatment. We use exactly this method of investigation in diagnosis. It takes from 7 to 10 days. However, quality of investigation is of crucial importance. Additionally to bacterial culture we use PCR, direct immunofluorescence, serologic testing. This enables to avoid mistakes while diagnosing. This is an extended golden standard of diagnostics.

In Saint Petersburg, prices for a test for an occult infection may vary from 1,000 RUB to 8,000-10,000 RUB. This is about 25 to 250 EURO.

To Summarize

Unfortunately, any laboratory test may have mistakes. Health care provider implements treatment. They are interested in diagnosis to be done correctly. It is true to patients that incorrectly set diagnosis and unidentified infection lead to useless intake of drugs, wrong management, expenditures and damage to health.

At our clinic, doctor has individual approach to every patient. During consultation they will explain the reason why they recommend a certain test to be done.