Medical Tests

Have you ever liked to do tests? Who likes it?! It means getting up early, going to a health centre, queuing, all hungry. The test is usually uncomfortable and may be repeated. Would you like to do test when it is comfortable for you and get precise results rapidly? Book a lab test at the Evromedika Medical Centre.

What can we offer?

  • All common health care tests in our own laboratory
  • State-of-the-art laboratory search equipment allows the most exact results to be obtained
  • Skillful and caring staff

We carry out a wide range of tests from common tests to oncomarker tests. On booking tests at out clinic, you can do tests at comfortable time and get results rapidly. You can do tests that are not covered by insurance police.

Tests and investigations are of crucial importance in diagnostics. They go in accordance with patients complaints. This enables us to make correct prescription for a right treatment. Precise results help doctor realize better how to help you or make sure you’re totally recovered. This is possible on the condition that highly trained medical staff works on advanced, state-of-the-art equipment as it is at the Evromedika Medical Centre.

You can easily reach the Evromedika Medical Centre. Both our Medical Units are situated in 5-minute walk distance from metro stations. Visit our clinic on Veteranov Prospekt 16 (MS Prospekt Veteranov) or on  Komendantskiy Prospekt 17 – 1 (MS Komendantskiy Prospekt).

Would you like to do tests at the nearest time in future and obtain precise results? Book tests at the Evromedika Medical Centre.

What can we offer?