About Clinic

The Evromedika Medical Centre all diagnostic and treatment services for any disease.

Everything starts with an appointment with a clinician. A GP collects all complaints, medical history, evaluates patient’s clinical data, makes preliminary diagnosis, works out an examination plan as needed, or prescribes a particular type of treatment.

All kinds of diagnostic imaging and testing, including biopsy and cytology, are available directly at our clinic.

Wide range of ultrasound imagery is done with expert-class ultrasound scanner from a widely known Italian brand Esaote MyLab50. The device has all necessary transducers for examination of abdominal organs, tissues, heart, head, upper and lower body’s vessels, neck vessels. It immaculately detects early-stage pregnancy working in 3D and 4D. We have long experience in early detection of cancer and other tumours in different areas of the body as well as relieving formation of plaques in arteries, narrowing and other deformities in veins and cavities.

Doppler imaging is widely used at The Euromedika Medical Centre. Gynecologic diagnostics is presented on professional level with performing colposcopy. We perform painless and non invasive screening of fallopian tube permeability. As needed, we refer patients to more comfortable health care facilities ensuring comfort during diagnostic procedures. All computed and nuclear-resonance tomography is performed on visit day or the day after request.

The Euromedika Clinic possesses a unique surgical devise Vesalius LX 80. The molecular resonance generator Vesalius LX 80 is a specific surgical knife which is able to remove skin growths finely without scarring. It is effective in treatment of uterine cervix. When used in surgery stops bleeding without having thermal damage on nearby tissues working in temperature of 40C.

We have an abdominal decompression chamber. It is used in adverse pregnancy and threat of miscarriage, increases chance to deliver a healthy baby. It has good effect in treatment for leg vascular diseases, enlarged prostate, prostatitis, insufficient blood supply to pelvic organs, various spine diseases, such as osteochondrosis, radiculitis, lumbar radiculitis, slipped disc.

Our clinic is always improving its imaging diagnostic capabilities using novel methods of diagnostics, equipment and medicines in order to help our patients get rid of their illnesses. The clinics management and specialists make regular trips abroad visiting health care facilities to enrich their experience. As a result of interaction with their foreign colleagues our specialists gain unique skills introducing new methods of treatment and prevention of various diseases in order to improve our services continuously prolonging lives of people.

Once you’ve called for an appointment in our clinic, you’re going to be in reliable hands of highly skilled medical professionals. We will not leave you alone with your health issues.

Please feel free to call our office at The Evromedika Medical Centre!