Ways of Management of Prostatitis

Ways of management of prostatitis depend on the characteristic features of a certain case. The U. S. National Institute of Health puts prostatitis into four main types. They include acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial pristatitis, asymptomatic prostatitis, chronic non-bacterial prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (inflammatory and non-inflammatory).

Respectively, the diseases may have different manifestations (from non-symptom to acute pain). The methods of treatment are chosen taking into account the reasons for prostate disorder. Acute bacterial prostatitis is treated with antibiotics. There are several methods of treatment for non-bacterial prostatitis. They are based on different theories immune, infection, neurogenic, chemical inflammation theory. Each theory suggests peculiar schemes. They may include antibacterial therapy, alpha-adrenergic blocking agents, anti-inflammatory drugs, phitopreparations, hormone therapy.

Prescription of treatment by an experienced Urologist is of crucial importance.

Managing for Prostatitis at the Evromedika Medical Centre

At the Evromedika Medical Centre, patients have been treated for prostatitis for a long time. Though prostatitis cannot be cured medicine can ensure steady remission. This means the uncomfortable symptoms of the prostate condition are going to be improved.

At our clinic, all advanced methods of management of prostatitis are used. They may include anti-viral and anti-bacterial therapy, physiotherapy, boosting immune system, exercises and massage for prostate. Appointment with a specialist in a timely manner ensures successful treatment.