Management of Prostatitis. Diagnosis Ц Treatment Ц Prevention

Effective management of prostatitis is based on correct and timely diagnosis. Diagnosing of acute phase of prostatitis is quite simple. It has common clinical presentation expressed in patientТs complaints. Diagnosing of chronic phase is usually complicated due to absence of symptoms. Pelvic and prostate ultrasound screening together with STI tests and rectal examination with finger are used in diagnosing chronic prostatitis.

It is no secret that medicine does not offer ways of cure for prostatitis. Though, correct treatment ensures steady remission. Of course, under condition that patient takes all preventative measures. The patient should stop having spicy food and alcohol, avoid exposure to cold, casual sex, and sedentary lifestyle.

The Evromedika Medical Center. Management of Prostatitis in Saint Petersburg

The Evromedika Medical Center offers effective management of prostatitis in Saint Petersburg. The treatment is performed by highly trained Urologist. The Evromedika Medical Center is a health care facility that provides medical consultation and advanced diagnostic services in European level.

Treating prostatitis the Clinic offers all types of ultrasound screening (prostate screening, pelvic organ screening), quality tests in own equipped laboratory (inlc. analysis of semen and prostate, tests for occult infections) and advanced anti-viral and anti-bacterial therapy applied in management of prostatitis, physiotherapy and exercises.