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Urology studies conditions of urinary system, male reproductive system, adrenal glands diseases and other disorders and develops their treatment methods. It can be mentioned that as a branch of surgery urology offers mainly surgical treatment.

Accordingly, Urologist is, against popular opinion, not only a male doctor. Women also suffer from cystitides, pyelonephritides, urolithiases, enureses, etc. Many inflammatory urino-genital diseases both in men and women are caused by sexually transmitted infections, e.g., chlamydiosis, gonorrhea, ureaplasmosis, mycoplacmosis, etc.

Exactly in these cases the Multifield Clinic has an important role and capabilities. In our centre the Urologist works in contact with the Gynecologist. You know in that case both men and women are subject to care. (Gynecology and Urology in Saint Petersburg are offered by Euromedica Clinic).

Timely consultation with a Urologist plays an important part in care. Relying on fortune or excusing themselves for the lack of time, people risk with their health, when the infection causes joints inflammation, urinary system inflammation, decreased sexual performance and even to impotence, pains during intercourse, etc.

The Euromedica offers a qualified specialist in Urology in Saint Petersburg

The Euromedica Medical Centre’s specialists often deal with consequences of late-stage infections – chronic prostatitis, cystitis, adenoma, male and female infertility, etc. It is harder to care a late-stage disease. Therefore once youТve felt itch or burning in sexual organs, noticed typical discharge, felt weakness or high temperature you need a consultation with a Urologist immediately.

Today it is not a problem to find a Urologist in Saint Petersburg. Many private urology clinics offer their services and a paid Urologist is usually a high level specialist. At The Euromedica Medical Centre you can be offered diagnostics (blood and urine test, spermogramme, ultrasound of bladder, kidneys, prostate, etc.) and urologic diseases care and prevention.

Dr. Igor A. Izmakin leads our ClinicТs Urology service.

You can be sure you will be treated by a highly experienced Urologist. In Saint Petersburg The Euromedica Medical Centre is well known for its highly experienced specialists using the most contemporary and approved efficient methods of care of urinary and reproductive systems diseases. At The Euromedica Clinic the Urologists also detect causes of male infertility which may be caused by infections or other disorders.

The Euromedica Medical CentreТs Urologists recommend to be tested for urino-genital system infections on regular basis Ц two times a year. Never treat yourself! It can cause serious health problems in you as well as in your relatives.

Our ClinicТs Urology Service is lead by Dr. Igor A. Izmakin.

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