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Врач кардиолог. Консультация и обследование у хорошего кардиолога

Living in a city makes life specific. This means tough time, lack of movement, snacks, regular stresses, sitting at PC daily. In some people, this results in cardiovascular conditions. They may include palpitation, pain around heart area and even shortness of breath when climbing upstairs or going uphill. Do no delay! Do not say you are tired, that you have no time for a doctor or this will go away! Contact a Cardiologist!

The Evromedika Medical Centre offers various examination procedures. They will not take much time and provide with full information of your health. Electrocardiography is widely used in diagnosing cardiovascular diseases. The procedure is used, for instance, in diagnosing heart rhythm disorders and left ventricular myocardial ischemia during exercise and at rest.

Studied patient keeps living his normal everyday life, though the procedure is carried out within 2 to 3 days. Remarkably, ECG screening shows only electrical work taking place in the heart. New technologies have coupled ECG with ultrasound screening. This has enriched the procedure. Now a Cardiologist can follow up heart’s state, structure and work.

At the Evromedika Medical Centre Cardiologist can at early stages evaluate the changes in the blood that can lead to atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is of great danger for it is developing slowly and a person may not experience any symptoms when appointment with a healthcare professional is crucial. Our Cardiologists can make right diagnosis in short time. They will recommend correct way of treatment and changes in lifestyle.