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At The Euromedica Clinic started the Save Your Heart program.

Action figures for heart check-up.


Cardiologist is a doctor specializing in structure, work and diseases of the heart and veins as well as in their diagnostics and treatment. Greek kardia means ‘heart’.

In many developed countries the cardiovascular system diseases are the main reason for early death and disability. Stresses and emotional load, unhealthy food and blood pressure change affect the heart. During the initial stage of the disease a person may pay no attention to the first signs of the future problems. They are rapid pulse rate, short heart pain, increased fatiguability, bad sleep, shortness of breath even in low physical activity, irritability, etc.

Consultation with a Cardiologist is Necessary for Everyone

Meanwhile even little disorder in the work of the cardiovascular system can abruptly rise the risk of serious problems such as heart failure, heart attack, heart stopping, heart rhythm disorder, coronary heart disease.

Therefore remember, a consultation with a cardiologist is crucial even in the first stages of unfavourable signs!

Cardiology is one of the specialties of The Euromedica Clinic. Our Clinic houses completely equipped Cardiology Centre providing with the contemporary examination and treatment including choosing dietary regimen, physical activity and follow-up observation. Our experienced specialists are at your service.